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On the weekend of 14th February, 2009, a week after Black Saturday, the staff from Chadoak Plumbing volunteered their time and skills to help the Kinglake community, who were severely devastated by bushfires. 

The volunteer spirit was fantastic to witness. Within 20 minutes of our request for support, 35 staff members had responded that they wanted to be involved. Our local suppliers also gave generously in the way of food for the weekend and a Kinglake councillor organised special Victoria Police road block passes for our team to get from Whittlesea to Kinglake. 

Chadoak worked in conjunction with Swan Plumbing. Within 24 hours, Swan Plumbing had donated 90 pumps and had gone to all of their stores to collect rural fittings to enable connections to occur quickly. In addition, their staff volunteered to assist us at Kinglake in distributing pumps, fittings and assisting affected residents with plumbing advice. 

Chadoak was the first trade contractor to be on site at Kinglake. And our team worked both Saturday and Sunday, co-ordinating with the Community Centre staff, electricians, water tankers, tank cleaners and eventually we handed over to the Army, however, our staff continued to assist the Army over the following week. 

The Army supported us in providing trucks to transport water tanks up the mountain. They also provided bobcats and staff to clear ground for the water tanks and used their tankers to fill up the tanks.

Over the weekend, we were able to assist 208 residences. In some cases we were their first point of contact since the fires. And on some occasions, our staff provided emotional counselling and support. 

The Salvation Army generously donated $20,000. This donation allowed us to help affected residents who were unable to get funding due to red tape. This then allowed us to provide essential connections, so that the residents could have access to fresh drinking water. 

We are very proud of the Chadoak team, who assisted by supplying residents with water pumps and generators, reconnecting their water tanks and providing them with general plumbing installations and advice.


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