At your service since 1974

Richard ‘Dick’ Griffin left his brother’s plumbing company in 1963 to start his own.

His first big job – a sewer – came at the perfect time: his seventh child had been born five days before and he only had £33 in the bank.

Four years later, Dick had a successful business operating out of the backyard of the family home and mainly serviced the suburbs of Chadstone and Oakleigh.

The company’s name was changed to Chadoak Plumbing and Drainage. The family business expanded as Dick took his son Paul on as his first apprentice and then employed two more of his sons, Peter and Jim.  Soon Jim and Peter joined with another of their brothers Kevin, a qualified plumber, to take over Chadoak Plumbing and Drainage in 1974. History was created.

Mary Griffin (Dick’s wife and the boys’ mother) says, “From a small backroom [the boys] ran the business. At times they didn’t take wages, but they managed to build it up gradually with a lot of long hours and hard work.” In 1994, the Griffin brothers moved Chadoak to a rented factory in Dalgety Street, Oakleigh and then to Ricketts Road, Mt Waverley. On 11 June 1998, Kevin left the business. On the same day, Jim and Peter bought their first factory in Notting Hill.

Chadoak Plumbing and Drainage continued to grow. Six years later Jim and Peter bought a bigger factory at 168-188 Wellington Road, Clayton, where they continue to expand. The number of Chadoak staff (including plumbers, apprentices, machine operators, estimators, administration staff etc.) has grown exponentially. Chadoak Plumbing and Drainage now employs over 120 people, making it one of the biggest plumbing companies in Melbourne.