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Carbon footprints vs Cost

With energy and water costs on the rise, now is the time to make choices about how your business and home function. How can the costs be reduced and the carbon footprint minimised?

Chadoak embraces new technology and can advise and install plumbing and appliances to ensure that your energy and water is used efficiently .

Consider these three easy ways to improve your energy efficiency

1. Replace your electric or gas hot water service for a solar hot water system.

2. Install a rainwater tank for toilet flushing, garden watering, car washing or washing clothes.

3. Look for the highest star rating when replacing your appliances. The more stars the higher efficiency. Even a standard 3-star rated showerhead can save the average home $150 a year in water bills and can be purchased for as little as $20.

With planning and expert installation the benefits will be evident in the long term.
If considering a new build project or a retro fit to an existing property, call Chadoak for advice on location and style right from the beginning.
Or consider a Chadoak Water Audit to assess how efficiently your current property operates

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