Leak Detection

Water, Sewer, Gas, Stormwater

As qualified plumbers and registered gas fitters Chadoak have the team and the most up-to date infra-red, sound sensor and CCTV technology to detect any leak with pin point accuracy. With this technology there is no need for digging, cutting or making holes to determine the problem.

A leak may have been active a long time before any water or smell is evident. They can occur for many reasons including the age and material of the pipe work, rust, natural earth movements, excavating accidents or improper installation.

Chadoak have found and repaired leaks in places such as

  • Underground
  • Slab floorings
  • Within wall cavities

Consider a Chadoak Preventative Maintenance Audit to identify any issues BEFORE they happen.

With Chadoak its Quality Work 24/7!