Sewer and Stormwater Blockages

At your service since 1974

Chadoak staff are licensed and registered plumbers, professionally trained about drains;  layout, complexities, shortfalls and problems. A blocked drain can occur any place at any time such as:-

  • Bathrooms -baths, basins, showers
  • Toilets – sewerage systems
  • Kitchens – kitchen sinks, insinkerators,
  • Laundries – laundry troughs, floor wastes
  • Outside -stormwater drains, downpipes, vents, traps & pits

Operating in the Melbourne metro area, Chadoak are prompt, reliable, effective and are equipped with the specialised tools. They can locate blockages and manage any drainage problem whether industrial, commercial or residential.

Chadoak can
  • Clean blocked domestic sewer and stormwater drains
  • Clear blocked drains of tree roots, silt, debris and fat residue
Chadoak use
  • High pressure jet drainage clearing
  • Electric Drain clearing machinery
  • Root cutting of pipes up to 600mm in diameter
  • Closed circuit TV (CCTV) to diagnose and assess the condition of pipes
  • Drilling equipment to remove concrete, debris from drains etc.
  • Wetvacs, closet augers and hand spinners

With Chadoak its Quality Work 24/7!