Blocked Drains

Get your blocked drains in Melbourne fixed fast

If you are suffering with blocked drains in Melbourne, call the professional plumbing team at Chadoak. With more than 40 years experience in the plumbing industry, we understand how frustrating it can be being stuck with a blocked drain. While many people try to wait out the problem and hope it goes away, it is extremely important to be proactive about solving the problem. Ignoring a blocked drain can lead on to much more serious problems including flooding and over floor into your property. These instances have the potential to cause permanent damage to the foundations of your property, which can result in a very costly situation. To avoid costly damage, we always advice our customers to hire a plumber as soon as you are aware of a problem. They will come out and assess the problem and return your plumbing to perfect functioning. When you think of the minor cost of consulting a plumber, compared with the expense of repairing long-term damage, the decision is simple.

How to determine if your drain is blocked?

Following our extensive time in the industry, we are very familiar with the tell tale signs of a blocked drain. To ensure property owners don’t risk permanent damage, we have compiled a list of warning signs to prompt them to call a plumber. If you experience any of the following primary indicators, you should call a plumber fast, as your drainage system may be blocked.

  • When you empty water from the basin, shower, sink or bath or alternatively flush the toilet, you hear a gurgling sound.
  • The water levels in the toilet are pulsing or become much lower than normal.
  • A strange smell is emitted from the sinks in the property, as a result of entrapped water that has difficulty dispersing properly.
  • When the washing machine empties, the gully and grates overflow outside.
  • The drains are emitting a foul stench.
  • Overflowing external grates or manholes with toilet paper surrounding them.
  • When the toilet is flushed, waste will not disperse.

If you experience the above signs, it’s time to call one of our professional plumbers on 8562 6600 because you are suffering from blocked drains in Melbourne.