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Preventative Maintenance is a growing area in business management. It includes system audits and assessment to identify weak points, potential risks or breakdowns BEFORE they happen, BEFORE they become a big issue and BEFORE there is any loss to your business.

A regular Chadoak Preventative Maintenance audit can cover any aspect of risk assessment for plumbing, drainage, metal roof or heating & cooling systems.

Different types of audits are available including:-

  • Environmental audits
  • Cost Saving audits
  • Drain audits
  • Roof audit

With Chadoak its Quality Work 24/7!

An audit identifies potential risks and issues across your business and includes:-

  • On- Site evaluation and assessment of existing systems in the agreed areas
  • Photographs of potential problems
  • Suggestions for removing risks, if identified
  • A proposed course of action to help prevent further damage and potential loss to your business.
  • Installation of systems as required